Christmas time, all year round

Our story

Rewardhub is a social enterprise with origins in a family Christmas tree business. We’d been selling trees for nearly 80 years, but in 2015 moved our fundraisers to online booking only. We did that to make things easier to manage. We were right, it made running fundraisers easy.

What amazed us though was how popular they became, this got us thinking, what if raising money for good causes could be this easy all year round, not just at Christmas time? So we teamed up with some clever technical, creative and advertising folks and Rewardhub was born.

Rewardhub officially launched in late October 2019 and is already home to more than 100 brands that pay donations to good causes in New Zealand to say thanks for sending them shoppers. These range from small local businesses to large global brands like Amazon.

How do we make money? When we sign up advertisers onto the platform, before setting the donation rates, we set aside a percentage of spend which is just (hopefully, fingers crossed) enough to cover the usual costs of running a business like marketing, tech, legal, etc.

We also have wider relationships with advertisers through parent company Linkshop who looks after all of the tracking and technology that makes the whole thing possible. Linkshop works with a wider network of publishers that also promote some of the advertisers you see on Rewardhub.

Our aim is to improve the platform and promote it to more Kiwi shoppers and causes. Brands in New Zealand spend $1 billion annually on digital advertising. Most of it with Google/Facebook. If brands moved 1% of that to Rewardhub, good Kiwi causes could raise $10 million per year.

We think that’s a worthwhile goal. At the end of the day though this platform will be what you make of it. If you’re a good cause, don’t forget to let your supporters know its an easy way for them to support you, that does not cost them anything. Most are already shopping online.

If you’re a shopper, well you’re the hero in the Rewardhub story and you can make a real difference by signing up to offers or shopping online in support of causes you care about. It costs you nothing and with exclusive deals on the platform there are lots of savings to be had.

If you got this far, thanks for reading our story so far. We hope that you enjoy the platform and if you have feedback, complaints or ideas please get in touch with us, okay!

Rewardhub team