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Feature your brand on Rewardhub

For advertisers, Rewardhub is a great way to connect with and support New Zealand communities. It also makes good business sense for you, as there are no listing fees, you only pay donations to causes when shoppers buy something from your website or sign up with you.

You set the donation rate yourself, to ensure cost effectiveness when compared with other performance marketing channels such as Google and Facebook ads and guarantees you return on investment.

What’s more, while you pay for new sales and customers, you also benefit from having your brand present in the community in a positive context which has a significant value.

How Rewardhub works for advertisers

Shoppers visit the Rewardhub page for the cause they care about then click through to your website to shop online or sign up to offers. Links are tracked (by parent company, Linkshop) and brands pay an agreed amount to the cause page to say thanks for referring the shopper.

If you list your brand on the platform we also support you with content, created by the Rewardhub editorial team, that causes can promote to supporters if they wish.

How to set rewards

If you’re an online retailer we recommend your donation is a simple percentage of basket value, you can set this based on your average product margins. For lead generation and acquiring new customer (for example financial products, broadband, etc) you would set a fixed donation per sign up, to set this consider your lifetime customer value and customer acquisition costs via other channels as reference.

Creating an offer

While it is not mandatory, we do recommend also providing an offer for shoppers on the platform. This could be a special discount or free shipping for example. There are a number of benefits to doing this, firstly for causes that are happy to promote brands to their supporters it gives them incentive to do so. It also gives incentive for shoppers to take action and show more loyalty to your brand.

Tracking and set up

Tracking for Rewardhub is implemented by Linkshop affiliate network (our sister company) and involves adding code to your website and order confirmation page. The details will vary depending on your ecommerce provider, however as a new affiliate network we are using the most modern and robust tracking techniques available. Each click and conversion is traced back to a Rewardhub cause page, so we know exactly what causes need to be paid and how much. You receive one just one invoice monthly.

Wider affiliate network

Once you have set you established your optimal payout rate and set up tracking, you’ve essentially created an affiliate program for your brand and can now list on Rewardhub (there is no listing cost by the way). What’s more, you can also open this program up to our wider publisher network. This just means that if you approve other publishers, platforms, bloggers and influencers from our network to promote your brand, they can do so using the same tracking code and commission rates agreed. All parties have access to dashboards showing clicks and conversions and you still just get one invoice.

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