Privacy Policy

Rewardhub is committed to keeping your personal data secure. This Privacy Policy outlines the data that the Rewardhub platform collects on participating users and entities, how and why this information is used, and the steps we take to ensure that your data is kept secure and your personal privacy respected.

Rewardhub is also committed to operating within the relevant New Zealand privacy law, namely the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993. To find out more about this Act visit the Privacy Commission website here where it is published in full. This Privacy Policy covers the key sections outlined below for east of reading:

  1. What information Rewardhub collects about users
  2. For what purposes we collect and store this information
  3. What tracking technologies we use to collect information
  4. Who we may share this information with and why
  5. How this information is securely stored and protected
  6. How you can find out information we hold about you

1. What information Rewardhub collects about users

In order to provide Shoppers, Causes and Advertisers with the benefits of using the Rewardhub platform it is essential that we collect certain information. If you do not provide complete or accurate information where required it may not be possible to receive the benefits and rewards that the platform offers.

Shopper information that we collect:

  • For Shoppers that sign up or transact via the platform to support the cause they care about we collect name, email address, primary cause which you support and purchase details
  • We may also ask additional questions from time to time, for example about your interests or which brands you use and this information is stored against you email address profile
  • In order to credit your chosen cause with Rewards when you shop, we need to track your clicks onto Advertiser websites, so they can pass us back the value of any relevant purchases made
  • To track clicks we use pass “click IDs” through to Advertiser websites, these may pass technical information such as your IP address, browser, device and other specific technical information
  • To claim Rewards for certain merchants (where merchants tracking capability is limited) we may require shoppers to forward their receipts to Rewardhub as verification of purchase
  • If you make a claim about a purchase, where that purchase did not result in a Reward being credited to your chosen Cause we may hold data about this to make a claim on your behalf

Cause information that we collect:

  • For Causes to earn free donations they must register with the platform and provide details including entity name, admin name, charity number, cause category, logo and bank details
  • Causes may also be asked to provide some information about the size of the email database or community size across other online touch points
  • We will collect a record of the registered shoppers that support your cause, and the level of activity and support that your Cause receives from shoppers
  • The total amount of visits and engagement on your Rewardhub Pages and the total amount of Rewards that have been raised for your Cause

2. For what purpose we collect and store this information

Rewardhub operates a model where Causes get paid Rewards whenever Shoppers make purchases or sign up to offers using relevant tracked links provided by the Rewardhub platform. For this to work it is essential that we collect the above mentioned data. The purposes of collecting this data include:

  • Communicating with you to help you achieve your goals on the platform
  • Providing special offers and discounts to Shoppers on Rewardhub
  • Knowing when to attribute Rewards (or free donations) to relevant Causes
  • Knowing the value of Rewards that Rewardhub must attribute to Causes
  • Knowing which Advertisers are due to pay us Rewards so we can pay Causes
  • Giving Shoppers adequate information about Causes, so they can support them
  • Knowing which Shoppers made purchases so they can know their contribution
  • Helping Advertisers see the relevance of Rewardhub for their product or service
  • Improving the relevance of marketing efforts to you, and prospective customers
  • Enabling you to login and keep a record of your contribution and/or earnings

3. What tracking technologies we use to collect information

  • In order to track the data outlined above there a number of technologies used. These include:
  • Affiliate network platforms that provided tracked links which, via cookies and/or other means, record when a Shopper clicks a link to an Advertiser site and transacts
  • The Rewardhub proprietary platform, built using Expression Engine, collects any sign up and registration data outlined in 1. and 2. Above.
  • The Mailchimp email platform is used to collect and email data and store this
  • Google Analytics tracks the visits and behaviour of all users on Rewardhub, this data is however aggregated and anonymised so there is no personal connection to you
  • Outside of the Rewardhub platform we may use Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and any data available via those platforms to promote Rewardhub to new customers

4. Who we may share this information with and why

Some of the information we collect may at times be shared with other parties. Outlined below is the type of information that may be shared and our rationale for doing so:

  • Aggregated and anonymised data about the number of Shoppers visiting Rewardhub and trends in their behaviour may be shared with Advertisers so that Advertises can make informed decisions about promoting offers to support Causes on Rewardhub
  • Information about Causes, including the category that best describes them, their names, logos and what they do may be shared with Shoppers and Advertisers so that Shoppers and Advertisers can make informed decisions about supporting Causes
  • We may share hashed (or encrypted) email address with social media platforms for the purpose of promoting targeted offers to you on social media
  • We may share hashed (or encrypted) email address with Advertising partners with the sole purpose of verifying that you have transacted with them, and that they must pay the Reward due to you. This is necessary in circumstances such as claims disputes
  • We may publish the total funds raised for all causes, and for the top raising causes, information about total funds raised on the platform will not be treated confidential

5. How this information is securely stored and protected

All data collected, that is not already publicly available, is stored securely. Measures taken to ensure that any personal information is secured in a safe manner include the following:

  • Confidential personal information is secured in a password protected environment where only approved staff can add, remove or amend details
  • All websites have secure SSL certificates to ensure encryption of data that is sent or received from our websites
  • Access to information is restricted to any parties that require information to meet our duties under the terms of service, such as tracking and administering payments
  • The Rewardhub platform may store information using cookies, cookies may hold information about sites you’ve visited
  • Rewardhub is wholly owned by Linkshop Limited, the Managing Director of Linkshop is the Privacy Officer for Rewardhub and treats data security as a top priority
  • Rewardhub takes all responsible measures to prevent loss or unauthorised access to private information

6. How you can find out information we hold about you

You may request that Rewardhub provide you with a summary of what data is held about you, or that we update or delete your details. To do so, email us at with the subject “Privacy”. We will request verification of your identity before sharing any information about you (as unauthorised person will be granted access to your information).