7 Money saving tips to reach your financial goals faster

There is seldom a silver bullet for reaching your financial goals faster, in reality its often the small, incremental shifts in our day-to-day financial habits that add up to help us reach our end goals faster. It’s also helpful to focus on what we’re doing well and empowering ourselves to make better choices when we can. Here we highlight some easy switches you can make to turn up the heat on your money goals for a year of financial bliss:

Keep your goals simple

Being a superstar saver or money mogul is not something you can switch on overnight. It takes time, planning and perseverance. Reduce your risk of failure by setting out small steps you can make regularly that will, in time, amount to big changes. And always set realistic goals you’ll be motivated to stick to.

Live within your means

While keeping to a budget can become an arduous task for some, a budget plays an important role in setting up your financial goals. They highlight what money’s coming in and going out, and on what. You’ll be blown away by how much you spend on a few extras here and there. Once completed, try and reduce spending in a category each month.

Pay off your debt

The interesting thing about interest is that you can either work for it, or make it work for you—depending on how you choose to spend. Pay down your debt as soon as possible (and remain debt-free) so that you can eventually grow your $$ instead of growing how much you owe.

Boost your KiwiSaver

If you’re serious about saving money, have young kids, are looking to purchase your first home or simply want to get a handle on your investments, the high returns and low fees make JUNO KiwiSaver a no-brainer. Switching takes 90 seconds and they throw in plenty of perks like a subscription to their magazine. And if you switch using Rewardhub, they’ll donate $50 to your chosen charity on your behalf.

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Make savings automatic

You can’t spend what you can’t see. Set up an automatic payment to coincide with your payday that instantly puts a percentage of your income into a savings account that you can’t access. Before you know it, you’ll have a rainy day account that can rack up some impressive interest.

Call the shots

How does a $180 discount on your annual broadband bill sound? Making the switch to a provider like Slingshot means that you access great pricing, reliable service, and the ability to make payments when you get paid. No more making ends meet here. And when you sign up via Rewardhub, you’ll get a $15 monthly discount on your broadband plan. Slingshot will also donate $50 to the cause you care about, helping them start the year on the right foot.

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Take back the power

Most Kiwis are paying too much for their power. Subscription-based energy provider energyclubnz—which charges you a small weekly fee ($2.40 - $5 depending on how much you use) plus your usage at cost—ensures you’re always in control of how much you spend with no surprises. There are no fixed contracts, no paperwork or risks, plus they’re part of Rewardhub so they’ll reward the cause you support with a $50 donation. Stop spending on power you don’t use.

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