Christmas Tree fundraising where Rewardhub began.

​The idea for Rewardhub came when a West Auckland school enquired about doing a Christmas Tree fundraiser, but it was still May. Misa Christmas Trees knew doing fundraisers online was easy but it seemed a shame that connecting shopping to donations was only something people could do at Christmas time.

Fast forward three years and Rewardhub has thousands of members earning free donations just by starting their regular grocery shopping online. Rewardhub also picked up the prestigious award for Best Digital Start Up (in 2020) for an innovation that made it easier to connect fundraising to online shopping.

With Christmas Time fast approaching though, now is a good time to think about running a quick and easy seasonal fundraiser that can raise heaps and with a feel good factor. Running a Misa Christmas Trees fundraiser is an easy way to do this.

Misa Christmas Trees is available on Rewardhub but you you can run a Misa Christmas Trees fundraiser without going through Rewardhub if you wish, as sometimes its easier to promote a single message to your supporters. You can learn more and get set up with a Christmas Tree fundraiser here.