An easy fundraiser that’s personalised to your cause.

Since starting out nearly three years ago we’ve tested lots of different ways to connect shopping with fundraising. If there is one thing that we learned, it’s that campaigns and products which are personalised to your cause always perform best.

To seasoned fundraising managers and school PTAs this will be obvious. However it can be challenging creating your own products, personalised to your brand. Often there are large up front costs, high minimum quantities etc and lots of admin time involved.

One excellent option to consider is Rewardhub partner store Hello & Cookie who enable you to sell your own branded products with less hassle. Hello & Cookie specialise in personalised cookies and have a strong fundraising offer.

Running a fundraiser with Hello & Cookie is very easy. You can order online from just 200 cookies, upload your message, logo and/or images making the cookies highly personalised to your campaign. Then you sell them at a profit, as outlined below.

The minimum order is just 200 cookies, given they can be sold as bundles, at events or via volunteers within your community its a low risk amount that most causes can get through in no time. As an added bonus if you place your order online via Rewardhub you’ll earn an additional 6% on your overall order.

View Hello & Cookie personalised fundraising cookies here.