Tasty ready made meals delivered to your door.

Rewardhub shopping guide: Ready made meal deliveries from FED.

Pre made meals versus meal kits.

Meal Kits.

Meal kit delivery services like HelloFresh, My Food Bag and WOOP have become popular as an easy way to learn adventurous new recipes, and for the convenience of having ingredients delivered to your door in the just the right quantities. While meal kits include the main ingredients required for each dish, they still require a lot of prep. In fact, meal kits often take longer than making staple favourites, so in reality, while they’ve solved the problem of shopping for ingredients and deciding what to cook, they’re still a lot of work.

Pre made meals.

With ready made meals on the other hand, there is no shopping, preparation or cleaning up required. The only thing you need to do is heat them up and put them on the table. Ready to eat meals deliver on the promise of dinner sorted, without the fuss and are quickly growing in popularity for New Zealanders. It’s not just due to the massive time savings for those with busy lives, but they also help out people at certain life stages like new parents, or elderly people who aren’t always able to cook for themselves.

Best ready made meal service.

As Kiwis catch on to the convenience offered by ready made meals, more and better options have popped up to meet demand. For example, My Food Bag launched the Made brand, dedicated to ready made meals, and Art Green has been promoting Paleo ready to eat meals with Plate Up. The pioneer of ready made meals in New Zealand however is FED, who have chefs that prepare restaurant quality meals from scratch, with fresh and natural ingredients, and deliver them in temperature controlled recyclable packaging.

If you’re trying a ready made meal delivery service, our pick is FED. Here’s 8 reasons why.

1. Ready cooked meals for one, or the family.

It’s not one sized fits all. A convenient aspect to ordering from FED. is the ability to order for one, or for kids (mini sized), or for those with big appetites (ravenous sized), or for families. Ordering comes with no catches or contracts too, so you can order a one off meal, or set up a subscription.

2. Healthy and varied ready to eat meal options.

You can try a wide range of cuisines made from quality fresh produce. Dishes on the FED. menu range from international favourites that are tricky to make your self, like Thai massaman beef and potato curry, through to simple dishes done well like Lemony chicken breast on risotto (pictured below). They are transparent in publishing ingredient lists and nutritional values on the website alongside each dish, so you know exactly what you’re getting before you order. View meal options >>.

3. Consistently high customer ratings.

Google Rating 4.8 stars from 21 reviews. Sample Google review below from Catherine T.

“Wow tried the family meals for 4 for 3 nights…. Absolutely delicious healthy meals and great portion size for us. Highly recommend for busy families. My daughter does athletics on a Monday night which doesn’t finish until 7:30pm so having an already cooked delicious healthy meal that just needs to be heated is perfect.”

Facebook rating: 4.9 stars from 37 reviews. Sample Facebook review below from Jessica s.

“Seriously the BEST ready made meals on offer! We first discovered Fed after having our first baby, and being able to grab a comforting home made meal without the dishes was such a treat on those ‘can’t be bothered’ nights (and let’s be honest - there were many!!) We’ve tried loads of other brands, but they don’t compare to Feds generous portion size, menu variety and most importantly delicious taste. Highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed!!”

4. Vegetarian and vegan meals ready to eat.

Another growing trend in New Zealand is the rise of vegetarian and vegan eating habits. Whether the motivation is sustainability, humanity or health and wellbeing, the challenge for many people is the same: coming up with new and interesting dishes without meat. FED. offers just the solution in this case with their Plant Pots, a small range of tasty vegetarian and vegan dishes made with ancient whole grains, beans and pulses and finished with tasty sauces from a range of international cuisines. View plant pots >>.

5. Value for money with FED Coupon codes.

The best value option is using a voucher code when placing an order.

Use code REWARD20 to get $60 off your first three consecutive Weekly orders.

6. Ready made meals delivered to Auckland, Wellington and beyond.

FED. now deliver to main centres in the North Island including Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga, New Plymouth and Palmerston North. FED. continue to assess expanding their delivery regions. Unfortunately they do not yet deliver to the South Island, or the far North. View delivery FAQs >>

7. Easy meals for new parents, and elderly.

The Care box option is ideal for gifting meals with personalised messages in scenarios for people who have friends or family that are new parents, elderly, in hospital or temporarily facing a challenge that leaves them unable to cook.

8. Ready made Christmas meals.

Christmas is hands down the busiest time of the year for most of us, so it’s no wonder people are searching for easy meal solutions at Christmas time. FED. also offers traditional Christmas favourites ready to warm up and serve at Christmas time.