Fundraise with Cleanz natural cleaning products

If you’re looking for new and different ways to run school, club or charity fundraisers, running a fundraiser with Cleanz cleaning products is quick and easy.

Cleanz is a high performing household cleaning concentrate that is truly toxin-free - proudly made here in Aotearoa with ethical and sustainable ingredients. This revolutionary home cleaning system is completely chemical, irritant and allergen free making it safe for people (especially the little variety), our planet and our pets.

Running a Cleanz fundraiser is simple and can be done entirely online. Just follow the steps below:

1. Email asking to run the Cleanz fundraiser. We will respond with a promo code unique to your organisation within 5 working days

2. Once you have the promo code and tracking link, you simply need to share it in whatever channels you use to share updates with your supporters, e.g. email, Facebook, etc.

3. The key message for your supporters is “use the code < insert your code > and 10% of your Cleanz order value will be donated to < insert your cause >”

4. We recommend making campaigns time bound e.g. one calendar month. At the end of campaign your earnings are added and paid in your next Rewardhub quarterly payout