Is this New Zealand’s tastiest fundraiser? You be the judge.

With Easter fast approaching, we’re pleased to share that the Molly Woppy Easter cookie fundraiser is available through Rewardhub once again this year. Last year, this fundraiser was so popular that the delicious hand made Easter cookies sold out well before Easter.

Here at Rewardhub HQ, having eaten about twenty boxes last year, we suspect the reason this is one of our most popular campaigns is that surely it’s the tastiest way to raise funds for good causes in our fair nation. You be the judge though.

There are two limited edition creations available, crunchy gingerbread bunny ears dipped in white chocolate and melt-in-your-mouth shortbread Easter eggs dipped in dark chocolate, and with $7 per bundle donated to the cause you care about, its one indulgence you get to feel good about. (Warning: can be addictive.)

How it participate

Rewardhub members

If the cause you support is participating in the Molly Woppy Easter fundraiser, you’ll find it on their Rewardhub page. If they are not running the Easter campaign, you can still shop Molly Woppy via Rewardhub to earn free donations, or reach out to us to get them a campaign page set up (mail

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