Life-Improving ways to make waste-free living easy

Waste free living starts now

The war on waste is real. Take advantage of the new year, new energy and invest in smarter solutions that will last a lifetime (in a good way). You might already have the reusable coffee cup and the stainless steel straws in tow, a good start, but did you know how many other life-changing waste-free products and stores are available?

There is an empowerment that comes from simple daily swaps that can have a big POSITIVE impact over the years. Here’s a few top-rated products for a waste-free future:

It’s all go at Haven and Co

Your one-stop-shop for clever bits and pieces for your kitchen has to be Haven and Co. Offering a range of clever products that will work tirelessly to reduce your footprint, every purchase not only supports your Rewardhub cause but it also goes towards sustainable coastlines.

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Sustainability on tap

Why not make an everyday ritual a luxury without compromising health or the environment? Makers of the original glass reusable cup, JOCO’s, have released a non-slip borosilicate glass with Italian olive wood to refuse plastic and eliminate single use waste.

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Go-anywhere grazing

Discover the convenience of an insulated, water-resistant lunch box that’s both stylish and functional. Perfect for daycare, school and picnic escapades, you won’t know how you ever survived on-the-go grazing before.

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And that’s a wrap

The Little Bird Organics team have been completely transparent on their quest for the perfect pack. Walking us through the pros, cons and rationale behind each package, their mission is clear. From compostable packs to kraft paper pouches, their outsides are almost as good for you as their insides.

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Too hot to handle

Hard to get a handle on all of your reusable coffee cups, smoothie containers, drink bottles and thermoses? Made from 100% recycled materials and designed to carry various shapes and sizes, Stay tray is all about simplicity, style and sustainability.

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Hip to be square

Ethique has been paving the way in plastic bottle free beauty bars for years. But if you’re new to the concept, starting with the Too Delicious conditioner will hook you for life. This new formula will keep your hair - and the environment - hydrated and nourished. Think of all the bottles you’ll save!

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