Black Friday and Cyber Monday picks

If you were looking for an excuse to go wild this Black Friday, we’ve found it.

While we don’t endorse mindless consumption - you know, shopping for the sake of shopping - we know how hard it is to go past a bargain—especially at this crucial time of the year.

In the United States, Black Friday coincides with Thanksgiving Day. In New Zealand, it’s the lead up to Christmas. We’ve started ticking off a few presents of our lists, adding a few new and noteworthy items to our own lists, and getting whisked away in the ramp-up before the wind-down that is our summer break.

So, when we see some of our favourite brands broadcast too-good-to-resist discounts, we think: sure, I’ve earned this. And, you probably have.

But thanks to Rewardhub - the online shopping platform that donates to your favourite charities and causes for free - you needn’t feel guilty about indulging in some of the best deals you’ve seen all year.

In fact, if you start your shopping from Rewardhub, the stores you choose to shop from will make donations to your chosen charities and causes on your behalf - without costing you a thing. The more you spend, the more they donate, and, the more savings and discounts you can access.

Shop Rewardhub’s top Black Friday picks below: