Molly Woppy doing things differently this Mother’s Day

This year’s been a bit different for all of us, so Molly Woppy decided to do something a little bit different for their Mother’s Day gift bundles. They’ve teamed up with us here at Rewardhub to share a generous share of all Mother’s Day sales with New Zealand charities who have been doing it tough since the lockdown kicked in.

How does it work?

Don’t worry, as a supplier to supermarkets and hospitals Molly Woppy are approved to safely continue baking your favourite hand made artisan cookie ranges. The cost to you is also the same. The only difference is when you buy your Mother’s Day gift bundle through Rewardhub, up to $6 per bundle gets donated to the charity of your choice.

Shop for cookies

Simply click on the good cause below that you’d to like support with your free donation, and order a Mother’s Day cookie gift bundle securely from Rewardhub.



The Neonatal Trust


Heart Kids

Mental Health Found.

Neurological Found.

Cerebral Palsy Soc.

About Rewardhub

Rewardhub is an online shopping platform that lets shoppers earn free donations for good causes, without paying an extra cent. Its made possible through generous partnerships with local Kiwi businesses like Molly Woppy.