Rewardhub donation reminder for Google Chrome

Rewardhub Donation Reminder

You asked for easier ways to keep track of stores that pay free donations to local causes you care about, so we’re excited to share with you that the Rewardhub Donation Reminder for Google Chrome is finally here. and now finally here. It’s a super easy-to-use extension for Google Chrome that can be installed in one click, here’s how it works:

1. Add to Google Chrome

You will find the Donation Reminder here, simply click the “Add to Chrome” button at the top right and the Reminder will be added to your Google Chrome browser.

Get Donation Reminder

2. Browse and shop as normal

When you’re searching for products on Google and have a range of stores to choose from, the Donation Reminder will let you know which ones are participating Rewardhub stores with free donations available. Click the orange button “Activate Donation” and you’ll be directed to the store with donation tracking activated.

3. Earn your free donation

Whether you arrive at the store via Google or go there directly, you’ll see a small pop up on the top right (see below) if free donations are available. If your donation is already active it will let you know then disappear. If not you just need to click the orange button “Activate Donation” then sign in or shop as guest, then shop as normal.

It’s really that easy and with a growing number of stores joining Rewardhub, its a way to turn your online shopping from a chore into a rewarding experience. Click below to download the Donation Reminder now.

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