Rewardhub fundraising during level 4 restrictions

We hope that this post finds you starting to adjust, as best you can, to the new normal we are all faced with for next little while. We are writing to update shoppers and causes on how the current Level 4 restrictions affect your ability to fundraise using the Rewardhub platform. We have had many questions about this, and feedback that online fundraising will be vital in the coming months as physical events are temporarily no longer viable. In short, while some of our biggest retail partners are paused temporarily, things have been very busy on Rewardhub with people ordering food and drink from local food manufacturers on Rewardhub that are approved essential services.

Still plenty of ways to raise, especially in food

They are still many ways that you can raise during this difficult period. Unsurprisingly these come in the form of Rewardhub’s online partners who are local food manufacturers supplying to supermarkets, hospitals and online - these businesses have been deemed essential services by the government and are still trading. In fact this has been one of the most productive months for fundraising on Rewardhub as supporters have discover they can order food and drink and earn free donations - while the prospect of going to the supermarket has for the time being become a little more daunting.

Below are some food and/or drink suppliers who are approved to trade and will donate a percentage of your spend.

- Molly Woppy delivering cookies to your door

- Hunter Gatherer Gourmet delivery healthy delicious baking mixes to your door (helpful for entertaining the kids)

- Wine Central - delivering wine, beer and spirits to your home with low prices and shipping

- FED. - ready made chef prepared meals delivered to key metro regions

- EcoWarehouse - one stop shop for everything from face-wash to soap, shampoo, personal hygiene, cleaning and more

- Mighty Ape - is open for food, drink and essential services such as baby needs and home office equipment. Low prices and quick

- TheMarket are open for selling and shipping food, drink and essential services. You can order everything from Food Box, to beer, wine and pet food through TheMarket.

Other businesses still operating in Rewardhub include some international retailers such as THE ICONIC and Cue are still operating. Anything that does not have “paused” in the description can be assumed as operating. We have focused on highlighting the stores above however as these are no doubt useful to many New Zealanders right now.

Contactless delivery and couriers

The above listed businesses need to adhere to strict government guidelines for the handling and delivery. All New Zealand post couriers are operating contact-less currently and are advised to follow these guidelines.

Some retail partners are currently paused

Some large and popular retail partners are currently paused during Level 4 lock down. As most of you will be aware the government has needed to make hard calls and restrict operations of non-essential businesses to help keep Kiwis safe. Retail partners that are currently paused have been switched to Coming soon, with “Shop now” buttons removed. They will state “paused” in the descriptions also. This online stores will all re-open on Rewardhub once the government is comfortable trading restrictions can be removed and they will be switched back on.