Saving Hope Foundation

We rescue dogs and puppies in urgent need, providing them with foster care and finding forever homes, and run desexing and responsible ownership campaigns.

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How it works

Rewardhub lets you earn free donations for us whenever you shop online, without costing you a cent


1. Join Rewardhub

Sign up to support our page. It's free, quick and easy


2. Start shopping

Browse 100+ brands, click out to shop as normal, enjoy usual prices and special offers


3. Earn free donations

Shops donate a percentage of your spend to us to say thanks, it doesn't cost you a cent more

Frequently asked questions

Fundraising for free sounds too good to be true, right? We know what you’re thinking: Where’s the catch? Here we unpack how Rewardhub works.

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How does Rewardhub work?
Rewardhub is a free and easy way to support good causes whenever you’re shopping online, and it doesn’t cost you a cent. When you visit the Rewardhub page for the cause you care about you’ll find 100+ online shops. When you click to any of them and shop as normal, those shops will donate a percentage of your spend to the cause you support, as a way of saying thanks.
Who can I raise money for?
You can raise money for charities, clubs, schools, churches, community groups, personal challenges or any other good cause that is listing on Rewardhub. If you cannot find the cause you care about, you can invite them to join (its free for them too). If you have a good cause that you would like to list on Rewardhub simply click add a cause on the top right.
So its free for me and the cause?
Yep, it costs you nothing. When you start your online shopping from the Rewardhub page of the cause you care about, the donations made to the cause come from the brands, not you. When you click to a shop you pay the normal prices, what’s more, you will even find exclusive offers on Rewardhub that let you save while you raise.
Where do the donations come from?
The donations come from businesses, and for them it's simply a marketing cost. Right now Kiwi businesses spend $1 billion on digital advertising, with most of it going to Google and Facebook. When more shoppers and causes use Rewardhub brands are able to move some money away from Facebook and Google, and into supporting the community.
How do shops know who to pay?
All links on the Rewardhub platform are tracked so the shops know which cause page supporters clicked from
How do I list my cause on Rewardhub?
That’s super easy. Just click on Add a cause at the bottom of the website, add a few details and you’ll be ready to go within 24 hours with your own branded marketplace where you earn donations from all online shopping that starts from your page.
When will my cause receive its donation?
Causes get paid once each quarter by bank transfer. Shoppers that sign up to the platform will be able to keep track of the donations that Rewardhub brands have made on their behalf. Causes also have dashboards where they can keep track of donations owed to them.
How does Rewardhub make money?
Rewardhub is a social enterprise and aims to sustainably fund its operations through wider relationships with advertisers. When we sign up advertisers onto the platform, before setting the donation rates, we set aside a percentage of spend which is just (hopefully, fingers crossed) enough to cover the usual costs of running a business like marketing, tech, legal, etc.

About Saving Hope Foundation


The Saving Hope Foundation story begins with our namesake, a pit bull puppy named Hope.

We first met Hope as a sick and scared 4-week-old pup at Silverdale Animal Shelter. She was malnourished, dehydrated and without medical care and attention.

She was scheduled to be destroyed because of her breed. The council-run shelter would not release her for adoption or to a rescue agency, even with all usual rights waived.

The public outrage and resulting social media campaign resulted in Hope being seized by the SPCA and fostered until she was old enough for her forever home with a Saving Hope Foundation family.

She has grown into a happy, healthy and gentle dog and we are lucky to have her as a reminder of both how much we’ve achieved so far, and all the innocent lives at stake if we do nothing. There are so many dogs still to help and we are just beginning our journey!


The Saving Hope Foundation campaigns for the humane treatment of animals in shelter organisations around New Zealand. Practically, this means scrapping ineffective and misguided breed-specific legislation, and introducing a requirement for all shelters nationwide to be transparent, accountable, and meet a minimum humane treatment standard.

We rescue dogs and puppies in urgent need, providing them with foster care and finding forever homes, and run desexing and responsible ownership campaigns.


We desperately need donations to help cover food and vet bills for the dogs and puppies in our care. You can donate through our Givealittle page - – or come down and support us at our charity fundraising events.

If you have time and love to spare, have you considered fostering? Our superstar Saving Hope Foundation foster team care for dogs in need while they wait for their forever homes. This is a rewarding role and can fit around your lifestyle. We can only save as many dogs as we have fosters for, so if you can welcome a dog or puppy into your home on a temporary basis we would love to hear from you.

If you’re considering adoption, we have dogs and puppies waiting patiently to find their forever homes. Contact us so we can have a chat and match you with the best companion for your lifestyle. Alternatively, TradeMe search “Saving Hope Foundation” for available dogs.

And remember: the best tool we have is your enthusiastic support! Talk to your friends and family about the Saving Hope Foundation mission and get involved with fundraising events in your community.