Tim Bray Theatre Company

Theatre For All
We believe that theatre and drama classes should be accessible and equitable for all. Celebrating diversity and being inclusive is at the heart of what we do.

Children’s theatre is so important as it helps to foster self-expression, confidence and innovative thinking. These are vital skills to shape New Zealand’ s future in areas such as science, engineering and medicine.

Tim’s hope is that Tim Bray Theatre Company and the charitable work will continue well into the future to support current and future generations build imagination and creativity through the performing arts.

In 2023 alone,

7441 children attended one of our performances for free from a school or organisation that needed support from our Gift a Seat® programme.
144 Autistic and neuro-divergent children and teenagers enrolled in our Extraordinarily Creative drama classes. These weekly classes help to build communication abilities, grow social skills and create new friendships. 
475 children and adults were able to access live theatre that worked for them through our NZ Sign Language, Audio Described and Sensory Relaxed Performances.

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With the cost of living crisis, a tough economy, an increase in operational and production costs and funding cuts, our charity will be finding it very challenging to continue our work at the same level that we are currently doing in years to come.

The closure of two prominent and respected children’s theatres in New Zealand in the past 6 months reinforces that theatre for children is often overlooked and underfunded.

Donations received through Gift a Seat® and funding, do not cover our theatre operational costs.

Our charity’s vision at Tim Bray Theatre Company is to help children and teenagers build and develop their confidence, creativity and imagination through theatre. We have been providing top class theatre and drama classes to hundreds of thousands of children and families across Tamaki Makaurau since 1991.

Our charity’s mission is to make theatre accessible and equitable for all children and families, regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability or socioeconomic background. We provide NZSL, Audio Described and Sensory Relaxed performances, and provide drama classes for autistic and neurodivergent children and teens.

Our hope is that you will be part of our vision to help support current and future tamariki and rangatahi access children’s theatre. Expertise developed through the performing arts will play a part in enabling our current and future generations to build important skills which are needed to shape the future of New Zealand in areas including medicine, science, engineering and more.

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Frequently asked questions

Fundraising for free sounds too good to be true, right? We know what you’re thinking: Where’s the catch? Here we unpack how Rewardhub works.

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How does Rewardhub work?
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