Getting started with your Rewardhub page

Welcome to Rewardhub. If you’ve just listed your cause, there are a few things you should know to help make the most of it.

Your Rewardhub page link

Your cause has a unique link to your own personalised fundraising page on Rewardhub, you should become familiar with this and save to your favourites

Your link will look like this

You will need to share this link with your supporters so they know to visit your Rewardhub page whenever they shop online, and whenever you’re doing a Rewardhub fundraising campaign

Your Rewardhub page

Your supporters will find more than 100 online shops and offers on your page. When they click from your page to shop, links are tracked so retailers know to Reward you with a donation

For most retailers donations are a percentage of what your supporter spends, for example Mighty Ape will reward 4% of spend so if your supporter spends $100 there you earn $4.

For other offers such as broadband or KiwiSaver, the reward is a fixed amount. For example if your supporter clicks from your Rewardhub page and switches KiwiSaver you earn $50.

Help and support to get started

If you have specific questions you can visit the cause toolkit section of Rewardhub first, where you will find information on the following topics:

If you cannot find what you’re after in this section, get in touch with our dedicated support person who can schedule in a coaching call or help you via email


Call 027 239 2716

Happy raising on Rewardhub we look forward to hearing how you get on!

Rewardhub team