Skinnies Sunscreen and Soap Fundraisers

Easy School and Club fundraising

Skinnies sunscreen fundraising is available through Rewardhub and is ideal for schools and sports clubs looking for super-easy online fundraising options that does require too much effort from you or your member community.

What you get with the Skinnies’ online fundraiser:

  • Your own branded campaign page where supporters can order online

  • Your own branded marketing collateral, you can share in any channel

  • Up to $15 per tube of sunscreen is donated to your cause

  • “Add donation” button that lets your supporters add additional donations

  • Access to 150+ stores that pay donations when your members shop

You can learn more by downloading the Skinnies fundraising pack here.

About Skinnies

Skinnies is an innovative New Zealand brand that is changing the Kiwis and people around the world enjoy the sun. Skinnies uses no water and covers your face and neck with a pea size blob, so a little goes a long way. It’s also safe and easy to apply for kids. As a parent of young kids, we’ve road tested Skinnies and can assure you it makes the dreaded task of putting the sunscreen an easier and less sloppy job!

Getting started

You can started with a Skinnies sunscreen and or soap fundraiser within 24 hours, just follow the steps below.

1. Create a Rewardhub page here for your club or school then

2. Email with your ideal delivery date

3. We will get back to your with your campaign page within 24 hours