Reaching your fundraising goals faster

The more people that know about your Rewardhub page, the more donations you can raise.

Almost 2 million New Zealanders are already shopping online with the retail brands featured on Rewardhub, so most of your community are already shopping online.

You just need to let them know to visit your Rewardhub page whenever they shop online.

Your supporters can sign up to support you at your Rewardhub page. Then, every time they start their online shopping from your Rewardhub page, you earn donations from retailers.

Once they are signed up they will also get a weekly newsletter with special offers reminding them to shop from your page. They also get access to exclusive discounts on some brands.

There are a number of ways you may want to tell supporters about your Rewardhub page, including email newsletters, social media, your website and printed flyers and hand-outs.

If you are stuck for ideas on how to talk about Rewardhub to your supporters we have created ready-to-use copy, banners and ideas you can use. These are covered in the articles below:

A simple action plan for promoting your Rewardhub page might look like this for example:

Month one promotion

Post on Facebook once per week introducing Rewardhub to your supporters. You could explain this in your own words or use ready-to-go copy or banners provided here

Send a simple email explainer introducing Rewardhub to your supporters. For easy explainer content, we have copy and banners you can use in emails here

At the link above you will also find a simple email signature with reminder which is a great way to remind supporters each time you send an email without you needing to do any extra work

If you have any face-to-face events or opportunities to share flyers with your supporters, we have also prepared templates for posters, flyers and handouts you can print and share

You find the templates for your Rewardhub posters, flyers and handouts here

Lastly, if you have regular visitors to your website. It’s a good idea to include a page about Rewardhub with a link back to your Rewardhub page to remind supporters to visit before they shop online.

We have written a little more about linking from your website here

Ongoing promotion

Once you have introduced Rewardhub to your supporters and they are familiar with how it works, a good way to make the most of the platform is by promoting regular offers.

For example, you may choose to promote a specific offer or brand once a month. Rewardhub has many offers where your supporters can save money too, with exclusive discount codes.

You can read more about featured offers and promotional campaigns here

Being clear with your community on what you are raising for, and setting targets or goals are a good way to engage your community and encourage them into action too.

Happy fundraising, we look forward to hearing your success stories!

Rewardhub team